Stained Glass Work



Art Glass Mirror with stained glass feather

Stained Glass Feather Mirror

clear glass, soldered house with part of ceramic doll.

Sleeping Beauty, glass house

Here are some of the stained glass items I’ve been working on. Lots of feathers, feather on a mirror, little glass houses with treasures inside, boxes, wall or window hangings, and jewelry pieces.

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Been Really Busy

Okay, I have the perfect excuse for not posting anything in such a long time: I quit my job at the Art Institute, bought a house with room for a store and studio, and moved into my new house. I’ve been preparing the studio for a classroom to teach in, and preparing the store. For the classroom I ripped up the old rug and put down those peel and stick tiles; I built two 8’x4′ tables for my students (and me) to use;

One of the 8′ Tables

I painted one of the closet doors with chalkboard paint, and the other door I covered with cork for a bulletin board.

Corkboard and chalkboard doors

In the store I painted furniture and walls, put up shelves,

and put in a new outside door.

My new door, not quite finished yet