Art & Craft Fair Survival Kit

I’ve learned that it is always good to be prepared for ANYTHING at art fairs. I mean anything can happen, from the hem on your dress falling, to a flat tire on the way to the fair. Here is a list of things you might want to bring with you to the fair. You may have other suggestions. If you do, please share.

For your car:

* Make sure you have a good map and clearly written directions to your destination. Hint: write down the directions to go back home. You’ll appreciate it after a long, tiring day at the fair.
* Keep a flashlight with new batteries handy.
* A fresh bottle of water.
* Crackers, granola bars, or other quick snack to keep the tummy happy. You might want to store some antacid to fix an unhappy tummy as well.

For your cashbox:

* Keep spare cash in your cashbox. This may sound funny, but I can’t remember how many times I’ve forgotten to supply my cashbox with small bills and coins to make change for my customers. You can decide what’s best, but I try to have at least $50 worth of ones, fives, and coins.
* A calculator
* A couple pens
* Sales slip pads

For your toolbox:

* A copy of your show application and/or contract. Good to have if there is a dispute about your rental space, and what was agreed upon.
* Your Tax Certificate (most States require you to have it on hand and/or in plain site)
* Extra pricing labels
* A pad of paper
* Business cards
* Extra pens
* Straight and safety pins
* Tacks
* Duct tape
* Clear tape
* Masking tape
* Scissors
* Utility knife
* Clean rag or paper towels
* Damp wash cloth in a plastic bag, or disposable wipes
* Small pack of tissues
* Small pack of band-aids
* A plastic bag with small packs of medications, like aspirin and antacid
* Shims or small pieces of wood in case you need to level your table
* Screwdrivers (flat and phillips) pliers, and a small hammer

Most of the these items can be put in a small toolbox or fishing tackle box, preferably a box with a handle for easy carrying.

The following is highly suggested:

A dolly or handcart to transport your boxes of wares to your table or tent. You don’t want to exhaust yourself before the show.


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