Gluing irregular shaped objects to another surface II

I have no solution for this problem, maybe someone else does??

Often I need to glue one object to another. Normally I drill a hole into each object (so that the holes line up), insert a dowel or toothpick (depending on the size of the objects) and attach the two pieces together with glue (wood glue, gorilla glue, white glue, super glue – whatever I deem appropriate).

Attaching objects with a dowel and glue

But often I find I cannot drill holes in one or both of the objects (too delicate, too hard, etc.). In this case I use whatever super glue is appropriate for the objects (wood, ceramic, metal, or a combination).

The PROBLEM is: I need to hold the two objects between my fingers until the glue hardens. I’ve tried clamps, elastics, strips of fabric, tape, string, whatever, to try and hold the pieces together while they dry.

My QUESTION is: Does anyone have a solution to this problem? It being GLUE, CLAMPS, or whatever? I’m really interested in hearing any remedies, trial and errors, solutions, tips, tricks, or any stories concerning this problem.


2 thoughts on “Gluing irregular shaped objects to another surface II

  1. I’ve used l masking tape, or I’ve tried using pieces of clay to hold it while it dries. Good luck.

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