Been Really Busy

Okay, I have the perfect excuse for not posting anything in such a long time: I quit my job at the Art Institute, bought a house with room for a store and studio, and moved into my new house. I’ve been preparing the studio for a classroom to teach in, and preparing the store. For the classroom I ripped up the old rug and put down those peel and stick tiles; I built two 8’x4′ tables for my students (and me) to use;

One of the 8′ Tables

I painted one of the closet doors with chalkboard paint, and the other door I covered with cork for a bulletin board.

Corkboard and chalkboard doors

In the store I painted furniture and walls, put up shelves,

and put in a new outside door.

My new door, not quite finished yet


2 thoughts on “Been Really Busy

  1. Thanks Adrienne. The store is in Center Barnstead (up in the route 4 area), sort of. And I’ll be teaching feltmaking: needle felting and wet felting. Scarfs, beads, seamless feltmaking, and more. It’s so nice to hear from you. How is everything?

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